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I think I was born as a creative. As a kid, I loved organizing and decorating my room. It just came naturally for me, knowing what would look good together. 


I grew up going to church with my Grandma, who had her own ministry. At age 12, I became her secretary,  helping with revivals, creating stationary, flyers, and decorating for events. This quickly turned into a passion for me. 


In high school, a family member recognized that passion and talent and asked me to plan and decorate her wedding! I got so much fulfillment after seeing my vision for her big day come to fruition. I remember saying, “Wow, I could really do this forever.”


I went through a season of trials and found myself dropping out of high school. This pushed me to pursue entrepreneurship full time. 


After this my career snowballed. I started doing birthday parties, church events, and more weddings. 

Kreative Image was birthed in 2008 and I began doing larger, grander events. 


I juggled Kreative Image while simultaneously working as an assistant office admin at Haven House for 14 years under my God mother and First Lady.  She taught me so much about how to manage a brand. She passed away in 2019, and I was devastated!  But, I didn’t have time to grieve. I had to hop right in to pick up the pieces. She laid the foundation, and left a blueprint for me to build upon. I stepped into her role as the church’s administrator. 


I do everything in excellence, so I wanted our church to be the best! I started building an online presence new website and social media campaigns. Resulting in new followers, more exposure, more attention on the church. 


Because of this, people began to express interest in help with organization of their businesses. So I created systems and processes based on my experience, resulting in more efficiency for their brands. 


Today I work with brands like Brave Essentials and Purpose Concepts to do email marketing resulting in double the amount of customers than  previous campaigns. Kreative Image has been featured on Bridezillas, and I have had to opportunity to serve so many amazing clients. I’ve realized that God has given me many skills, but one purpose, and that is to serve. 


I plan to continue to use my gifts to grow my current business and keep creating new ones. 


"Don’t let people put you in a box.

Whatever dreams you have, visions or talents, bring them to life!"


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As a serial entrepreneur, I've gone through many trails over the years. With Kenneth D. Lockett Enterprises,

I aim to deliver education, inspiration, and entertainment to a variety of audiences. I'm excited to share my story with you to help encourage you in your purpose.  Book me to speak at your next event today.


"Kenneth's work ethic can be summed up in one word: proficient."

"Kenneth D. Lockett’s work ethic can be summed up in one word: proficient. His commitment to providing quality products and services are second to none. A tenacious self-starter, self-made business owner, designer, producer, facilitator, and now, Peer Business Influencer, are only a few attributes that describe the KDL Enterprises brand. A man of integrity, thoroughly executing business plans and services with precision, great attention to detail, and class. Ken Lockett has a true of gift of expert consultation, and accountability. He helps his peer business leaders assess their needs, wants, and areas to grow in before developing a sound business plan, and executing any business venture. Ken Lockett is dependable, loyal, charismatic, giving, patient, and has a keen sense of pairing the best personalities with amazing projects, and cutting edge business trends. You cannot go wrong with having Ken Lockett on your team. A great business leader among many, that shines brightly, and gets the job done."


-Mr. Marlyn J. Hunter



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